Fish Replicas

Custom Painted

Fiberglass replicas–lifelike in every detail. Award winning fiberglass fish reproductions are cast from perfect specimens. Fish eyes are the best in taxidermy–re-created by using high-definition photography to fuse the natural image into accurately shaped lens. Fish replica fish mounts have fins that are museum quality and transparent. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on detail!


Fish Mounts

Museum Quality

Send a color picture and we’ll custom paint your trophy. Museum quality fish mounts involve many steps… we take the extra step to assure your fish is carefully crafted and painted. Experienced in using fish taxidermy acrylics–we blend special pearls, metallics, iridescents and translucents to bring your fish to life. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on custom painting!




60 day service available– guaranteed! Our modern studio is a family business-two generations of taxidermists. Our business ethics are first class. Send us your saltwater fish taxidermy, if the fish taxidermy is not shipped by agreed date, then we’ll pay you $5 per day. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, ALWAYS – or all money paid will be promptly refunded !

“…a quality fish taxidermy studio that meets delivery promises on fish mounts.” Fred McClintock-- Professional Fishing Guide, Outdoor Writer & Inductee Fishing Hall of Fame