Custom Fish Replicas

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Customized to Your Photo
Send us a color picture, and we’ll custom paint your trophy. We start with your length, girth and weight details. Then we eyeball the photo to make sure the replica chosen matches up in proportion to your actual fish. Our experience assures you get a fish that matches the fish you caught – GUARANTEED, or we will take it back and try again.

Lifelike in Every Detail
Our fiberglass replicas are lifelike in every detail. We are experienced in using fish taxidermy acrylics – we blend special pearls, metallics, iridescents and translucents to bring your fish to life. Fish eyes are the best in taxidermy – re-created by using high-definition photography to fuse the natural image into an accurately shaped lens. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on custom painting!

Museum Quality
Museum quality fish mounts involve many steps… we take the extra step to assure your fish is carefully crafted and painted. Our award-winning fiberglass fish reproductions are cast from perfect specimens. All fish replicas and fish mounts have fins that are museum quality and transparent. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on detail!